Entry #11

Most Violence and more gore than we ever seen

2011-06-30 09:54:39 by XNinjaboy2

Here Name is Dead Cargo

This is the most awesome game I ever seen yet, this is like style Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter 3, here a fatality call Deathrip, this is one example of this character name Leach, he look like almost hulk but damn holy shit you gonna say that when u see this Deathrip, is better than the early's but talking about that the early's like 80 to 90 it back the style the game like Mortal Kombat or/and Street Fighter, this is what you call...A Violence Fighting Game, if you want enter on the website is: http://www.necrostorm.com/home.html

and the menu from Death Cargo:
http://www.necrostorm.com/games/deathc argo/deathcargo.html

Have fun watch it, there gonna be more soon, also the Demo will release in August 1. have fun and there more videos to, just search it on youtube. See Ya!

Most Violence and more gore than we ever seen


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